“Jean has been fantastic and I plan on having her come help me forever.” JJ, Sag Harbor

“I’m just so happy to get ALL THIS STUFF out of here!!” TM, Sag Harbor

“I learn a lot working with Jean. She helps me get a room or a project in order, and I take her methods into other spaces of my home and use her tactics to correct them as well.” MG, Northport

“The day after Jean and I worked in a couple of my rooms, it was such a relieving feeling. I was able to wake up the next day and walk around with open space. It was simply amazing.” RG, Bridgehampton

“I was very hesitant at first to do this, but working with Jean has been a great investment, emotionally, physically and financially.” CB, Kismet FI

“Now that Jean came to declutter the house, we can call a real estate agent and list it because it’s no longer embarrassing.” KB, Sag Harbor

“Jean is like Speedy Gonazlez. It would have taken me a week to do what she did in four hours.”SS, Eastport

“It is such a thrill to get this stuff out of here and actually have some space.” KW, Belle Terre (helping to clear out the home of a deceased family member)

“My kids said to me, “Mom, you’re going crazy with this organizational stuff.”  I said to them, “I know!  Isn’t it great?””  SO, Hampton Bays

“I’m glad I found Jean.  I feel so good when I walk into my kitchen now and I don’t have a headache!  Everyone is following along as well.  It takes a few seconds to straighten up!  What she does changes lives!”  LG, Bellport

“The floor!  I haven’t seen it in so long!” KM, Remsenburg NY

“I love the way the desk is now! Also, I  hope Jean takes pride in the way her work has stood the test of time.  We are two very busy “pilers/stackers” and because of her our office does not look like an episode of Hoarders.”  AG, Speonk, after working on a different area of her professional office than I did years ago.  (Years ago I set up an ongoing, self purging filing system to keep relevant files nearby, archived files further away and obsolete destroyed, which is still in place and works beautifully.)

“The best part of this not that the piles have disappeared, it’s that they don’t come back.  This works!”  SI, Oyster Bay Cove (Home Office)

“I’m in Heaven.  Everything has a home, a logical home and I know where everything is now.”  LS, Huntington Station. (Garage)   She was very happy but worried about her husband.  It took him a while to admit he was happy with the result, but when we were in touch recently, she said ” My husband of course likes it.  We worked on the other side of the garage and now are able to get both cars in.  You definitely motivated me in the right direction.”

“The garage looks awesome… I keep going in there, I am so excited on how roomy it is!!!”  CW, Manorville

“I’m already smiling.  This is so exciting!”  AR, Dix Hills (unpacking assistance and home systems set up)

“Jean doesn’t force solutions.  She makes note of what I like and what will work for me.  Also, having her here keeps me focused so that during the times she can work alone, I actually sit and work on some things I’ve been avoiding.” KP, Remsenburg (paper management)

“Jean gives great advice, all the while progress is being made.” EG, Centerport (Basement/childrens’ items)

“It really is the most amazing experience.  It gives hope.”  JD, Patchogue (Craft Room)

“Jean helped set up a paper and mail processing system in my kitchen that was smart.  Now I won’t have papers sitting on my counter looking messy and cluttered.  Addressing this problem was like getting a monkey off my back and it feels so good to have it finished!”  FN, Westhampton Beach (Household Command Center)

“The family is so happy that they can actually walk into the PANTRY! Yes, there were even ‘Gasps’!  🙂  CV, Manorville

“My housekeeper is happy now that Jean came in and did some organizing.  She now knows where everything should go.”  MS, Southampton (Home Library)

“OMG, I can get to my stuff!” JR, East Hampton (Artist’s Studio, Storage Rooms)

“It’s good to have someone to chat with when you’re decluttering like this.  It was fun!” LF, Speonk (Clothes and jewelry purge)

“Jean helped me move from my paralyzed state of mess to my present state of being able to open closet doors and find items.  Thank you!  My family thanks you too!”  SC, Lake Worth, FL (phone work/texts on demand)

“When Jean made a linen closet for me in a spare room, I just sat and looked at it for a long time.  It made me so happy!” DH, East Moriches

“I like working with Jean because she gets stuff done.  I know I want to get organized, and by the time I can think exactly what I want and to explain it to her, she’s already done it.”  MK, Southampton (Home Office/Paper Management)

“I have been looking for these papers since 1985!”  MC, East Quogue (Paper declutter, forgotten about boxes from long ago)

“I’m so glad I called  Jean instead of trying to go through all this stuff with my sister. We’d have gotten into a big fight by now!”  JM, Sag Harbor (Master Bedroom and 2 other Bedrooms)

“This is great. The next time I pack to go away I don’t have to ask where the heck everything is.”  KT, East Moriches (Closets)

“We got a lot more done in 4 hours than I thought we would have.  Jean has great focus. If I had to do this alone I would have walked around in circles getting nothing accomplished.”  AW, Speonk (Moving Assistance)

“It’s been life altering!” DW, Manhattan (Creating flow for childrens items as they are outgrown)

“I’m very impressed with Jean.  She gets in, she gets out, she gets it done.”  LZ, Westhampton Beach (Kitchen)

“I feel so much better. It feels like the air is moving and I can breathe. I can sit at my table!”  SM, Manorville (Kitchen, Dining Room, Living areas)

“I recently had the opportunity to work with Jean from and she was terrific! I had been meaning to get my Master Bedroom closet and get rid of things that I haven’t worn in years but I kept putting it off. Jean came in and, in a just a few short hours, was able to help me sort through and reorganize the whole closet! It looks beautiful! I am so happy I was able to donate a lot of unused items and also place some in consignment too!”  SP, East Quogue

“Thanks for helping with my son’s room!  It’s so much easier for him to find his things now! No more searching every time he needs something for school. His room is now easy for him to keep neat and organized.”  AG, East Quogue

“Thank you very much for doing a expert job at selling my 2 antique ships clocks on ebay. I know I got top dollar for them and from start to finish with money in my pocket was within 2 weeks.” MB, East Hampton