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“Never do I go into other homes and see their dresser tops and counters piled with boxes, hangers, toys… toys…and corners with laundry, kids’ rooms with stuff just sitting around! No order.”

In its most basic sense, the answer would be “Your house is NOT the only one!”

I have seen enough houses filled to the brim with clutter to know that the woman who asked this question is not alone in her frustration.  Many people I meet initially feel ashamed at how their place got to be how it is.  To them I say, it’s OK!  What matters is what you do about it when you are able to, for your own sake and sanity.  😉

The following information will not apply to everyone, but the number of people it can help may surprise you.

Why do I never see houses filled to the brim with clutter like mine?

The first response I can think to that is:  blinds and curtains!  Many people I have worked for purposely keep the curtains drawn so no one can look in and see the mess.  After we work together they are able open the shades.  That gives them just as much of a “Hallelujah” feeling as anything else in their life has!  It really is remarkable.  Some Feng Shui practictioners even advise to open the actual window during a declutter session, to get the Chi energy flowing.

People with extreme clutter issues tend to not have guests over or entertain.  How could they?  The guest room may be impassable or the dining table is covered with stuff.  So, that’s a lot of the reason why you’re not seeing other houses like this.

How do bring order to my home and office?

There are many tricks of the trade for keeping countertops and dressers clear, your place looking neat and everything functioning well.  But none of them will be effective without a major decluttering of a jammed area first.  Decluttering is always the first step.

Decluttering means REMOVING the unwanted and unneeded space hogs from your home and property, not shuffling them around.  Many organizing efforts stall when the items are sorted through but for whatever reason you do not remove the unwanted from your home.

The EASIEST way to do remove a large volume of stuff (and who doesn’t like easy?)  is to schedule a Charity who offers pick up service to come.  They generally will take everything you have to give, so you don’t have to think item by item what should go where, and micromanage a bunch of mini piles.  The fact that they will come pick up your stuff saves a ton of time and energy.

Once the clutter is has been addressed and removed, and items have been put into their homes that you can remember easily (I appreciate that for many this is easier said than done), you can implement many tactics to keep your place in order.

Jean Linder is a Professional Organizer working in homes and offices throughout Suffolk County and The Hamptons.

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