Get Your Printed Photos In Order While Watching TV

photo cabinetDo you have years and years of unorganized printed photos scattered everywhere?  Trust me, you are not alone!

This step by step guide will transform the disarray into organized bliss. Each step is simple and can be done while watching t.v. Do not try to memorize this wordy guide, instead print it out or refer back to this blog and tackle the task one step at a time.

Pep talk:  If doing this task is the last thing on your list and you never get to it, schedule regular sorting times, even if it is 1 hour every 2 weeks while watching tv.  It WILL get done this way.  Keep reminding yourself of the big picture, that your work will create the results you desire.

1. Load up ONE shoe box full of your mega pile of photos. It doesn’t matter where or when the photos are from, just fill up a box.

2. Go thru this ONE shoebox and throw away blurred, unflattering pictures and ones that contain people you barely know or like. Throw away duplicates or give away NOW.

3. Sort the leftover photos by year. Store them in separate acid free boxes with an index card standing on end as the divider.

4. Fill up another shoe box and repeat, adding to your photo boxes sorted by year.   Repeat the Pep talk as needed.  🙂

5. If you want further organization when you are done with steps 1-4, go thru each box/section year by year and re-sort as the events happened. At the end of this step all your photos will be sorted chronologically.

6. At this point, if you prefer your photos sorted by categories like “Vacations,” “Christmas,” “Family Reunions,” or whatever, you or even a child could now easily go thru, pull them out and put them in separate boxes or albums, chronologically.

7. Ditch the guilt because you no longer have pictures all over the place that you can’t even find. I keep up with my photos by sorting thru them once a year and putting them in a photo cabinet.

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