Turn Clutter into Cash/Cyber Sales

The terms below are for a specialized package of combination onsite organizing/offsite selling (large items like furniture).

Cyber Sale/Online Sale of Home Contents:

While this diverts from traditional organizing, I come into scenarios where a Cyber Sale is a better fit.
If you are moving or just looking to liquidate a number of large items along with the small, a Cyber Sale may be a good alternative to a tag sale.

$1,320 Cyber Sale package includes:

Up to 3 visits to your home totaling 6 hours onsite at your home to:

Photograph, measure and create descriptions for large items that must be picked up (most often, furniture.). Alternatively you can send that to me and I can get the sale started that much faster.

Load my large vehicle with smaller, carryable items that I will disperse among my network of household item sellers. They will sell what they can for a commission of 50% to them, 50% percent to you. Many smaller items really do add up quick for you!

I handle consignable adult clothes, shoes and accessories for a fee of 50% payout.
If all you have is a carload of clothes, ready to be picked up, there is no upfront charge for that.

After reasonable effort to sell small items, those deemed unsellable can be given to a charitable organization and you will be given a receipt for tax purposes.

Advertising of large items photographed at onsite visits:
Indefinite amount of time advertising and readvertising those items via ebay, facebook, offerup, and other sites. I’ll do a number of posts a day, everyday, during the agreed upon time period for the sale. I will direct interested people your way to coordinate pick up and payment. You keep 100 percent of selling price of these large items.

At a desired date for large item sale end, I can coordinate donation pick up of the remaining large items from a charity, where again you will be given tax write off information. If enough time has been allowed to run the sale, you will probably have made a profit by this stage.

I collect payment from the wide variety of sources I use to sell your smaller items, once a month. By the 15th of each month I will have an updated total. I can then either give you checks monthly, wait and let the amount grow to a certain amount, or use the time as credit for future work, whichever you choose.

If significant number of onsite hours are needed, a further discount for 12 hours onsite, plus all the offsite selling: $2,400

If you have only a small number large items (furniture) , an adjustment can be made to the package where I use the time I would have used for that to help you with other tasks.

In other words, please inquire about the best specialized package I can make for you! Again, this diversion from traditional best applies for people who have a good amount of furniture to sell. I’m just able to get these sales done in an efficient manner from years of decluttering experience. 🙂