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SOS! Long Island People are ISO! (In search of)

              People around the island  are in search of the following items.   Let me know if you have it to sell and I’ll put you in touch!  It’s easy! This is my way of networking, and the service is free.  I have an interest in this list myself, […]

Toys, Toys, Toys… How To Keep Them From Taking Over Your House!

As a Professional Organizer, I meet a good number of people frustrated with clutter.  Many of them are busy Moms inundated with kids’ toys on every counter, table, tucked into corners and left just about everywhere else.  So, how can a P.O. help? Good Professional Organizers have a stockpile of tips for combating clutter and […]

Q&A with A Professional Organizer

“Never do I go into other homes and see their dresser tops and counters piled with boxes, hangers, toys… toys…and corners with laundry, kids’ rooms with stuff just sitting around! No order.” In its most basic sense, the answer would be “Your house is NOT the only one!” I have seen enough houses filled to […]