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Keep your Laundry Manageable: Tips from a Long Island Professional Organizer

In my experience as a Professional Organizer, laundry can be the straw/shirt that breaks the camel’s back in a messy house.  The clothes are like sprinkles on top of the mess cake.  I don’t like putting away laundry either, I mean, who really wants to spend their time doing that?  So, here is an area […]

Keep your Counter Tops and Surfaces Clear: Tips from a Long Island Professional Organizer

Here are some tips on keeping dresser tops, counter tops and other surfaces clear of the piles that tend to accumulate.  These are known as Clutter Hot Spots! Organizing projects follow a process: Plan how you want the space to look and function Purge the clutter (getting rid of it most easily by donation or […]

Got Clutter? You’re Not Alone!

Do you feel like your house is the only one where nothing has a place, or if it has one, no one puts it there!  Well, it isn’t! This I know for sure.  I’m a Professional Organizer who gets called in to ‘fix’ these situations in homes and offices.  Good POs have an arsenal of […]

Get Your Printed Photos In Order While Watching TV

Do you have years and years of unorganized printed photos scattered everywhere?  Trust me, you are not alone! This step by step guide will transform the disarray into organized bliss. Each step is simple and can be done while watching t.v. Do not try to memorize this wordy guide, instead print it out or refer […]

What I Learned about Decluttering from SpongeBob SquarePants and Plankton

Years ago, I bought a fun clock.  Literally.  It featured Spongebob Squarepants and his nemesis Plankton coming together as friends, and it played “FUN,” a song about friendship that I think is just fantastic: I was very excited to bring this clock home and show my children who were 5 and 2 at the […]

Identify and Overcome your Organizing Obstacles

Sometimes, when I tell someone that I am a Professional Organizer,  I get kind of a sad reaction.  The person immediately cuts herself down and tells stories of the messes she has gotten herself into.  She cites obstacles, such as lack of time, her natural unorganized temperament, her feeling of overwhelm, her lack of interest […]