“I have so much stuff everywhere and need motivation and guidance on what to do with it all.”

“I have no systems in place for putting papers and things away and there are piles everywhere.”

“I want a beautiful and neat space so I can have guests and clients over.”

“I can’t find anything!”

Can you relate?

You’ve come to the right place!

I work with people who want to improve their environment. Professional Organizing is not so much cleaning for a person as it is providing them with a clean slate and teaching the client how to maintain order.

I can help with nearly any room or space in your home, and physical clutter and papers in your office.

My clients include:

Busy professionals overwhelmed by cluttered offices and files

Homeowners who had to prepare for a home repair or improvement, and many items were thrown into boxes and bins in a hurry and never unpacked again

Busy families short on time, whose active lives have left them overrun with clutter, dust, and misplaced items and information

East end vacationers who want to get their second home in order quickly so they can get to entertaining and enjoying their home

Homeowners looking to sell, and in need of decluttering and space neutralizing to make it appealing to potential buyers

Everyone else ready to make a change!
(Situational and Chronic cases)

Why hire a Professional Organizer?

Experience counts! I’ve gone through the process with many people before, so you can feel comfortable that you will know what needs to be done and when.

I will guide you away from being overwhelmed, keep you focused and on task.

We will find things you have lost, and probably things you never knew you had. Many times a substantial amount of cash is found among the piles! I’ll seamlessly help you donate your unwanted items which will make you feel good, and you might find some unwanted treasures that we can sell on eBay and earn you some serious cash.

In addition, I have resources at my fingertips to make your space efficient and attractive. I know which products work and which ones you can do without. We will get the job done!

How to get started:

The first step is to get in touch by calling 631-806-4852 or emailing jean@jeanlinderorganizing.com.

The next step is a free in-home/office consultation to check out your problem areas. There is no need to be embarrassed! I’ve seen a lot and won't judge. What's important is to assess the potential of your space and to overcome the present obstacles.

If we proceed with a session or a larger project I offer different rates depending on how much time is needed and you can commit to. Click here for more information on my rates.

I will work with you at a frequency that is realistic for you, whether it’s just once, a number of times, or on an ongoing basis.