Turn Clutter into Cash/Cyber Sales

The terms below are for a specialized package of combination onsite organizing/significant offsite selling (furniture)

Cyber Sale/Online Sale of Home Contents

While this diverts from traditional organizing, I come into scenarios where a Cyber Sale is a better fit.
If you are moving or just looking to liquidate a number of large items along with the small, a Cyber Sale may be a good alternative to a tag sale.

$1,375 Cyber Sale package includes:

2-3 visits to your home totaling 6 hours onsite at your home to:

Photograph, measure and create descriptions for large items that must be picked up (most often, furniture.)

Load my large vehicle with smaller, carryable items that I will disperse among my sellers. They will sell what they can for a commission of 50% to them, 50% percent to you. Many smaller items really do add up quick for you!

I handle consignable clothes, shoes and accessories for a fee of 50% payout.
If all you have is a carload of clothes, ready to be picked up, there is no upfront charge for that.

After reasonable effort to sell small items, those deemed unsellable can be given to a charitable organization and you will be given a receipt for tax purposes.

Advertising of large items photographed at onsite visits”
6+ hours of time spent advertising and readvertising those items via ebay, facebook, offerup, and other sites. I will direct interested people your way to coordinate pick up and payment. You keep 100 percent of selling price of these large items.

I collect payment from the wide variety of sources I use to sell your smaller items, once a month. By the 15th of each month I will have an updated total. I can then either give you checks monthly, wait and let the amount grow to a certain amount, or use the time as credit for future work, whichever you choose.

If significant number of onsite hours are needed, a further discount for 18 hours onsite, plus all the offsite selling: $2,500

If you have only a small number large items (furniture) , an adjustment can be made to the package where I use the time I would have used for that to help you with other tasks.

In other works, please inquire about the best specialized package for you! Again, this diversion from traditional best applies for people who have a good amount of furniture to sell. I’m just able to get these sales done in an efficient manner as well. 🙂